We're done here

I started this weekly newsletter/blog/ActivityPub thingy for a few reasons.

My earlier attempt, Marginalia, had become shouty and attention-seeking. I wanted something more focussed: mostly links, minimal commentary. I also liked the idea of “forcing” myself to read at last a few work-related articles, posts or links each week, in order to have something to share.

Unfortunately for the last several months this has started to come unstuck. I grew resentful of the thing I myself had created. I would start “cheating”, rifling through my Zotero library for the shortest thing I could read that was not completely unhinged. I wasn't proud of it, and begun to doubt it has much value at all. It was making me stressed, and frankly creating a lot of negative feelings that weren't doing anything good.

So this is my last post here.

Of course, from time to time I will still want to share links to things I find interesting or important, perhaps with some commentary. If you think you'd be interested in a slightly wider range of things with likely lower but sporadic volume, you can subscribe to this via RSS or ActivityPub/Mastodon. Maybe I'll start blogging more again. We'll see.

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