LLotW 2022.13

GLAM Digital Survey – Call for Participants

A current research project in the Centre for Digital Humanities Research by Senior Lecturer Dr Katrina Grant and Sean Minney, a recent graduate from the Masters Advanced of Digital Humanities and Public Culture is looking for participants in a short survey (30 questions) on how people employed in the GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums) sector are using digital tools and software in their work.

Actually Autistic: An Exhibition

Actually Autistic: An Exhibition invites the people of Melbourne to join in on celebrating, nurturing and empowering autistic creativity.

Actually Autistic: An Exhibition is a collection of works aimed at cultivating understanding, celebration and representation in regards to autism. Encouraging members of the public to directly connect with and support autistic artists.

The Fallacy of AI Functionality

A short and snappy evisceration of “Artificial Intelligence” and its governance, presented by Deb Raji and Lizzie Kumar at the ACM FAccT conference. Given the recent interest in machine learning and “AI” for use in library work, and the need to understand more about it from a digital literacy point of view, this is a useful snapshot of where we're at. Spoiler: it's bad.

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