LLLotW 2023.38

Transformative Zombies – By Every Means Necessary

An interesting post from Dave Ghamandi back in August, talking about Transformative Agreements/Read and Publish (RaP) agreements, and the effect on journals. This is an interesting take, with Ghamandi pointing to the pressure on editors to accept more articles as the income flow moves from subscribers to authors, and editorial teams pushing back.

Accessibility Toolkit – 2nd Edition

A new OER from BC Campus:

The goal of the Accessibility Toolkit – 2nd Edition is to provide resources for each content creator, instructional designer, educational technologist, librarian, administrator, and teaching assistant to create a truly open textbook—one that is free and accessible for all students.

Researching file formats 6: EndNote Citation Library Format

Ashley Blewer has been publishing a series of short blog posts on file formats, and this hilarious one on Endnote citation files gave me flashbacks to when I first properly encountered Endnote citation formatting files earlier this year. I think I went through every stage of indignation Ashley expresses here. Anyway it's useful if you need to work with these files and funny even if you don't.

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