LLLotW 2023.37

3 surprising ways that captioning improves learning for all of your students

Many Australian academic librarians will be revising and updating their lesson plans, slide and other resources for teaching library and information skills into various subjects. It's a great time to check how accessible your material is – and not simply to address minimal requirements for students with recognised sensory challenges or disabilities.

Making the Most of Cognitive Surplus: Descriptive Case Studies of Student-Generated Open Educational Resources

I'm not sure I agree with the framing of this article around “cognitive surplus” or their interpretation of Clay Shirky's use of that term, but this is a really valuable pair of case studies on the use of open educational resources in higher education, and how it works as just one part of a broader open educational practice. Definitely worth a read.

Hannah Forsyth on the Rise and Fall of the Professional Class in the Anglophone World

Who makes cents: a history of capitalism podcast is really fantastic, and this interview in particular was fascinating. Hannah Forsyth is an Associate Professor of History at the Australian Catholic University and in this episode she talks with host Jessica Ann Levy about the themes in her recent book, Virtue Capitalists: The Rise and Fall of the Professional Class in the Anglo World, 1870-2008, which have a lot of relevance to librarians and the fierce arguments around ALIA's recent Professional Pathways consultation. What does it mean to be a professional? Is it a class? And what does it have to do with managerialism? A great listen.

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