LLLotW 2023.36

Yes I'm back. Sorry about the less-than-weekly posting regime, I got distracted and didn't have much to share last week.

VALA 2024 Reiterated – Getting IT back to grass roots

VALA has just announced a call for submissions for the 2024 VALA conference and it's clear this one is going to be a bit different. Goodbye enormous conference and convention centre, hello RMIT's Storey Hall. Will this change in focus for the conference result in a change in behaviour from librarians? Only time will tell, but get your submission in soon!

AI companies have all kinds of arguments against paying for copyrighted content

In news that will surprise precisely nobody, American corporations aren't interested in paying to use other people's copyrighted works. I can't decide whether my favourite response is Apple saying they shouldn't pay, but should still be able to copyright code written by “AI”, or whether it's Andreessen-Horowitz whining that they haven't paid billions of dollars just to be subject to the law like little people.

Introducing the “Towards Responsible Publishing” proposal from cOAlition S

Plan S have a new, uh, plan.

I've not read this properly yet, but the gist seems to be “publish early, publish often, and then filter”.

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