LLLotW 2023.35

Before Everyone Was Talking About Decentralization, Decentralization Was Talking to Everyone

If you like to think about stories and storytelling, decentralisation, memory, or deep time, you need to read this article. Amelia Winger-Bearskin writes about the deep human history of decentralised stories, how trade (but not necessarily commerce) is deeply enmeshed in long-lasting stories, and how to tell whether you are in “a decentralised story-space”.

“You Should Just Digitize It All”

More a cry of pain by Krystal Thomas on the Florida State University Special Collections and Archives blog than anything else, this fairly succinctly answers the oft-asked question. As someone enmeshed in a special collection digitisation project, this was somewhat cathartic.

ACS Publications provides a new option to support zero-embargo green open access

Last week had quite a few contenders for “worst news of the week” so this was swiftly overtaken, but the American Chemical Society has the dubious distinction of having invented yet another way for scholarly publishers to extract money from universities and their funding bodies. When subscription fees aren't enough to fund your third yacht and Article Processing Charges seem so twenty-teens, there's now the “article development charge” which you pay in exchange for the privilege of making available the article you wrote yourself in the institutional repository your employer funds and maintains. Nice.

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