LLLotW 2023.34

Valuing maintenance

I've been thinking a lot about maintenance at work lately, for various reasons. So this post from Meredith Farkas last year really resonated. I'm already thinking about how to build in future maintenance needs to project approval processes, and who to hassle about awards for maintenance.

Library Staff Morale Correlates with Having a Sense of Respect and Value for Their Work, Relationship to Direct Supervisors and Colleagues, and Autonomy and Flexibility in Their Work Environments

One of my favourite things about Evidence based library and information practice is the way they name their articles. No burying the lede here. This one is actually a review of another article, (also open access) but you can save yourself 35 pages of reading. In a huge surprise to nobody it turns out things like “my colleagues treat me with respect” and “my manager listens to me” are correlated with high staff morale.

Introduction to Mastodon (for GLAM people)

…Do you like keeping up with archivists, librarians, and curators?

…Are you weirded out by billionaire tech bros with no business sense?

…Does it seem like there’s always a new algorithm messing with your social media?

There’s an alternative to all of this, and it’s Mastodon. ...Eira Tansey (Memory Rising, LLC) is hosting a free online event for learning how to use Mastodon to connect with all your archivist pals!

If you're in Australia, the local equivalent of glammr.us is ausglam.space run by me 🙂

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