LLLotW 2023.32

I didn't publish last week because ...I didn't feel like it. Sorry.

Transforming the Authority of the Archive: Undergraduate Pedagogy and Critical Digital Archives

I haven't read this new open access book but it looks pretty great.

Featuring perspectives from educators, archivists (both community- and institutionally-affiliated), and undergraduates involved in efforts to deconstruct and transform the institutional authority of the archive, the volume details new roles for archives in undergraduate pedagogy and new roles for undergraduates in archives.

Australian National Persistent Identifier (PID) Strategy and Roadmap

The ARDC have been coordinating a “National PID Strategy”. I participated in a workshop about this earlier in the year and now they are consulting on the strategy to find out what you think. You should tell them.

Re-orienting authentic assessment for an unknown future

Authentic Assessment is the new hotness, but just this week I found out that apparently it's “controversial”.

Chaired by Professor Rola Ajjawi, the symposium seeks to trouble superficial and instrumental practices of authentic assessment, re-orienting it towards the increasingly uncertain future.

If you're in Melbourne you can attend in-person. The symposium sessions are also being live streamed.

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