LLLotW 2023.31

Scaling Small; Or How to Envision New Relationalities for Knowledge Production

This is a really interesting article about “scaling” as it relates to open access scholarly book publishing. Relying heavily on Anna Tsing’s theories of scale, the authors discuss ways open and scholar-led presses can think about what “sustainability” means, and why they should focus on relationship-building rather than growth.

Open Education Awards for Excellence – 2023 shortlist

Great to see this shortlist includes contributors from 38 countries, albeit there is a strong USA and anglosphere bias. There's some really good projects here so it's well worth checking out.

Climate Change Exposure for METRO Region

This report contains the findings and recommendations of a study to contextualize and understand climate change exposure for METRO’s membership region, carried out by Eira Tansey (founder and manager of Memory Rising, LLC) between February and June 2023.

METRO here is “a network of libraries, archives, and museums in New York City and Westchester County”. This is a really interesting project because it's looking at how the network will need to adapt and respond to the reality of climate change. This kind of work, unfortunately, is probably an upcoming “growth area”.

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