LLLotW 2023.16

Thought experiment in the National Library of Thailand

Emily Bender helps us to get to grips with how Large Language Models “understand” language and why they can't think, in this intriguing thought experiment.

Open access policy intent, development, and maintenance at Australian universities

CSU's Libraries Research Group has a new project.

In order to support the development of OA in Australia, and in particular understand how university OA Policies can support OA performance, we are interested in understanding in more detail why and how formal OA policies are developed, maintained and monitored at Australian universities.

Inquiry into the use of generative artificial intelligence in the Australian education system

Australia's Federal Minister for Education has asked for a House committee to look at generative AI use in education. So if you were hoping all the news stories would end, I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings.

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