LLLotW 2023.15

The State of Scholarly Metadata: 2023

From the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), this is an interactive report/infographic highlighting key points in the scholarly publishing life-cycle where there are particular problems related to PIDs and metadata. Worth a look for research liaison librarians and metadata wizards.

Establishing an Open Source Program Office (OSPO)

The ARDC is calling for expressions of interest to work with them establishing an 'Open Source Program Office'. The idea seems to be a little like research data management support, except for open source software used in research – there is a significant problem with replicability, sustainability/maintenance, and preservation when it comes to the use of open source software (or really, any software) within academic research.

Project Jasper

This was launched a couple of years ago but I only just heard about it. Disregard the horrendous backronym, because the idea is good. It's a recognised problem that academic journals disappear, and open access journals without a sustainable funding model are particularly prone to this. Project Jasper is a collaboration between CLOCKSS, DOAJ, Internet Archive, Keepers Registry and PKP to create kind of backup archive for open access journals. If your library has some defunct journals running on OJS in a cupboard somewhere, why not check it out.

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