LLLotW 2023.09

We missed an edition last week because ...I had a really busy week and didn't have a chance to read anything. Anyway here's some Easter reading.

JAMA’s new editor settles in, bringing open access and other changes

An interview with the new editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Our big problem is not misinformation; it’s knowingness

An interesting take from Jonathan Malesic in Psyche, positing that an attitude that people already know everything and have no need for new information is often the heart of what we often think of as a problem with misinformation.

Funding announced for the National Library and Trove ahead of the Federal budget

Tony Burke made two announcements this week – the first was a “permanent” funding commitment specifically for Trove, the second two days later promised hundreds of millions of dollars for urgent capital works for Canberra-based national cultural institutions, several of which have leaking roofs.

I will have more to say regarding the National Library funding over the Easter period.

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