LLLotW 2023.06

Let’s forget the term AI. Let’s call them Systematic Approaches to Learning Algorithms and Machine Inferences (SALAMI)

A great, short blog post from late 2019 that has resurfaced in the last week or two.

The name “artificial intelligence” has an implicit bias that does not allow for a cognitive perception adherent to reality.

From now on I will attempt to get people to refer to SALAMI instead of AI.


NormConf was a small conference aimed at “presentations of middlebrow machine learning topics”. There's a lot here that is relevant to academia too, check it out.

We've always been distracted

From Aeon, an exploration of all the times in written history that people have worried about our relationship to texts, and what it tells us about how we should think about reading, writing, and thinking.

It is remarkable how two different eras could both say something like: ‘We live in a distracted world, almost certainly the most distracted world in human history,’ and then come to exactly opposite conclusions about what that means, and what one should do.

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