LLLoTW 2023.04

A bit late today – I went for a walk instead of going to work, and then accidentally took a nap instead of posting links. Sorry.

Could There Be Some Viable Challengers to Google Scholar on the Horizon?

Hilda Bastian talks through a few viable alternative options to Google Scholar, mostly building off Microsoft Academic Graph (RIP). Just as well too: the AIpocalypse may well severely dent Google's search ad business – don't be surprised to see Google Scholar shelved in the next few years as they consolidate.

The ARK origin story

I attended ARDC's little summit/workshop on PIDs this week and while I was looking at something else I stumbled upon the Archival Resource Key, something I'd never heard of before but instantly fell in love with:

ARKs are uniquely decentralized so that anyone can assign, steward, and redirect them as freely as URLs.

Shadow Libraries

From Monoskop, a collection of “shadow libraries” – illicit, unofficial, and sometimes baffling:

Independent, shadow, self-hosted, artists' digital libraries.

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