LLLotW 2022.16

Chief Scientist plan for free research access for all

The nation’s chief scientist will this year recommend to government a radical departure from the way research is distributed in Australia, proposing a world-first model that shakes up the multi-billion-dollar publishing business so Australian readers don’t pay a cent.

The idea of everyone having to log in to MyGov to read academic papers fills me with horror, and I don't love the Gold model for open access, but this is huge news that if implemented would turn every academic library upside down amongst many other sweeping consequences.

Libraries and open publishing case studies

CAUL's Libraries and Open Publishing Case Studies guide presents a series of case studies of university libraries’ open publishing initiatives and accompanying researcher case studies that demonstrate the value of these initiatives. The case studies were designed for use within and beyond the library sector to support advocacy work in relation to open access publishing and provide examples of open publishing practice from which others can learn.

Baserow: Open source no-code database and Airtable alternative

This looks extremely cool. I'm including it in LLLotW because I know some libraries use Airtable for analysing complex datasets when they lack either the cooperation of IT departments to use more direct database solutions, the IT resources to do this in the first place, or the need to use a fully fledged relational database like MySQL for a small project.

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