LLLotW 2022.14

Open Access Week 2022

It's Thursday night so I'm a little late to the party, but in case you didn't know it's Open Access Week this week. Open Access Australasia have been running some fantastic events, and there's still a few more to come tomorrow.

cloudStor will be no more after 2023

Late last week AARNet announced that their cloudStor service will be decommissioned at the end of 2023. This may sound like a lot of notice, but many institutions are likely to be thinking 13 months notice to replace critical national research infrastructure will be a close run thing. At least we're not all in the middle of ERA data collection right now.

Are we walking the talk? A snapshot of how academic LIS journals are (or aren’t) enacting disciplinary values

A really interesting deep dive into LIS journals (specifically focussed on Academic Libraries and for a US American audience) and to what extent the way their editorial boards enact the profession's stated values. This is a clear-eyed analysis and whilst the conclusion is the inevitable “try harder”, they're not wrong. I also can't walk past a conclusion beginning with “Capitalism is bullshit (Chan, 2019; McMillan Cottom, 2020; Horgan, 2019)”.

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