How much does it cost to run a conference forever?

Growing Up: A Maturity Model for Open Education

This model from Pressbooks is an interesting way to think about where your institution is at with open education efforts.

I found it particularly helpful as a reminder that whilst a lot of the ideas held within open education are very old, as a conceptual model unto itself it is still quite new. At my work we run one of the oldest open book publishing operations in Australian universities, yet it's only ten years old. No wonder we feel like we're still working out what it is we're even trying to do...

Choice overload: Finding the right tool for the job (conference)

A great piece from Sae Ra Germaine about choosing a platform for online or hybrid conferences. I've spoken with Sae Ra a lot about what matters in running conferences over the years, and I really like her focus on the three important things of people to speak, people to participate, and somewhere for them to come together. One might argue that this could be simplified to simply “a community that wants to meet, and a place and time for them to meet”. A lot of conferences have become huge behemoths with conference committees focussing on bells and whistles at great expense, but the basics are pretty simple.

Apple's Vision + The Cost of Forever

I share this not so much for the Apple part, but rather the “cost of forever”. Dan Cohen (Dean of the Northeastern University Library) shares some numbers and some provocations about how to spend a mythical USD$200 million. I guess all these figures are dependent on how we define “forever”.

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