Edition 2022.1

Welcome to the inaugural edition of LLLotW! Three links a week about learning, libraries, library learning, learners in libraries ...you get the picture.

14 Equity Considerations for Ed Tech

Reed Dickson walks us through the TAXI model to help with building move equitably accessible education technology:

TAXI is a vehicle to drive us toward four kinds of equity considerations:

1) tech equity; 2) accessibility equity; 3) experiential equity; and, 4) identity equity.

Disinformation and 7 Common Forms of Information Disorder

From HiveMind, a quick primer about the various types of disinformation, misinformation, and “information disorder”. Useful for anyone teaching or learning about information literacy. Includes a downloadable infographic!

Services Run on Processes

This blog post by Anna-Sophia Zingarelli-Sweet is a few years old now (pre-Covid, gosh!) and yet the double-hyphenated author's exploration of what she learned from working retail stores that can be applied to libraries is just as relevant and fresh now as it was then.

That’s it. That’s the punch line and thesis statement of this post. Services run on processes.

...even the best front-end public services talent in the world can’t deliver an excellent customer/patron experience without time and talent dedicated to the back-end. Without excellent processes, services will fail. Without excellent technical services, libraries will fail.

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