Edition 2022.07

Transformative agreements are not the key to open access

Kathleen Shearer argues in Times Higher Education that compelling universal use of repositories – rather than simply accepting “Gold” open access where publishers are paid whatever the market will bear to make articles free to read – is necessary if “transformative” agreements are to transform academic publishing in any meaningful way.

Note: you may need to register for a free THE account or subscribe to read this. The eternal irony of OA discourse.

Enhancing Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (IDEA) in Open Educational Resources (OER)

USQ has just published this OER book about publishing OER books by Librarian Nikki Anderson. Anderson's excellent work on accessibility and diversity is well-known in Australian academic libraries and it's exciting to see this new resource. Check it out and use it in your own work!

The Living Book of Digital Skills (You never knew you needed until now)

The Living Book of Digital Skills (You never knew you needed until now) is a living, open source online guide to 'modern not-quite-technical computer skills' for researchers and the broader academic community.

Excitingly, you can contribute (that's the “living” part). Check out the list of requested articles and if there's something you know about, why not add your knowledge to this community resource? Not sure how to use git and GitHub? There's an article for that.

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